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Meet your hosts

Kit Loring

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

A certified British Clinical Arts Therapist, clinical supervisor, and trainer. A member of the British Association of Drama Therapists and co-founder and co-director of Ragamuffin International, a humanitarian art therapy organization based in South Wales, UK.

Dilya Gazizova

Certified Arts Therapist and Trauma Therapist

Teacher, translator, organizer of therapeutic and educational groups. Co-founder of the YART Art Therapy House. Member of the International Association of Expressive Arts Therapists (IEATA) and the Kazakhstan Association of Behavioral Analysts. Member of the International Society of Psychologists and Psychotherapists INTEGRATIO. Artist.

Marina Petrisheva

Clinical psychologist & narrative therapist

Utilizes client-centered therapy and solution-oriented brief therapy. Helps individuals deal with anxiety, depressive states and disorders, feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, fatigue, work-life balance difficulties, professional burnout, self-determination, living through personal crises, making choices, emigration, issues of improving quality of life, and creating an image of a preferred future.

Vika Parhaeva

Narrative and EMDR therapist

With over 4000 hours of consultations, full membership in the EMDR Association of Therapists, and experience at the Klyuchi family psychological and pedagogical support center, the psychological support hotline, and the palliative department of City Clinical Hospital No. 64, she specializes in dealing with crisis events, self-discovery, and helping individuals who feel like they can't recover or experience conflicting emotions. Her approach aims to reduce the impact of trials on individuals and assist them in reclaiming a sense of self.

Evgeniya Kanina

Psychologist & art therapist

A member of the Association of Specialists in Contextual Behavioral Science, she has conducted over 6,000 hours of consultations and facilitated more than 40 art therapy groups for children and adults. She applies cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and responsibility therapy, and IFS approaches. Collaborated with the Living with Culture Foundation, authored the Parenthood Academy course, and organized the Family Camp project.

Anastasia Semko

Clinical psychologist for creators

An organizer and leader of art therapy groups and support groups, she employs an integrative approach that combines research and cultural aspects. She is a lecturer in several youth organizations and has developed psychological games. With over 5 years of trauma care experience, she helps individuals find stability and inner strength.

Testimonials from our early adopters

Kate Subach

Illustrator & Designer

After participating in The Order's art therapy group, I have become more adventurous in my pursuits and worry less about achieving perfection in every action. I highly recommend these groups to individuals who feel constrained by societal expectations and desire to cultivate more freedom in their lives, creativity, and communication

Hanna Shtyka


From the very first sessions with The Order, I sensed profound psychological transformations taking place within me. It allowed me to delve into delicate emotions and unpack hidden sentiments. In this safe space, where utmost care is taken, I felt comfortable opening up and being heard. I encourage anyone seeking introspection through the lens of creativity and a deeper exploration of their emotions, using words and images, to give it a try.

Nasty Rogozhkina


Having experienced personal injuries that hindered my ability to create and often function, discovering The Order provided a welcoming space and validation for my experiences. After each session, there is a delightful sense of unity among participants, even with unfamiliar faces. It is magical to realize, 'Oh, I am not alone in feeling and thinking this way,' and that realization holds immeasurable value. I wholeheartedly recommend these groups to those feeling isolated and struggling to discuss their traumas and reflections.

Ilya Evdokimov

Data scientist

The healing effect of being in a space where everyone comes together solely for dialogue is profound, even without explicitly addressing personal traumas. I believe these support groups can be beneficial for individuals who enjoy solitary reflection but yearn for communication and support from the outside world.

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