Empower Your Journey with Narrative Group Therapy

You don't have to go through uncertainty, stress, trauma, and isolation alone. Join The Order and experience a life-changing healing journey through a unique combination of narrative and art therapy.


Feeling weighed down by past experiences?

Are you tired of feeling alone and lost in uncertainty?

Are you struggling to find a sense of purpose and identity?

Embrace the journey to rediscover yourself


Explore and process your traumas in a safe environment


Discover new ways to manage your mental health


Rethink your experiences with the help of art and storycraft


Meet new people and improve your communication skills


Gain a fresh perspective through the eyes of the group members


Learn to respond to traumatic situations safely


Receive support from experienced professionals


Regain inner strength and confidence to live life to the fullest


Andrii Sotnikov

Poet, Musician, Producer, Peacemaker

"These art therapy sessions have become a truly collective self-healing experience, with the power of creativity at our fingertips. It's amazing to witness the unity it brings, which is so desperately needed in these strange times. Despite the challenges of attending online sessions due to blackouts in Kyiv, I look forward to each one and prepare, knowing that it is a touch of a miracle. The incredible author's technique and wonderful company have brought warmth and light to my soul for a long time. Thank you for being there."

Hanna Shtyka


"After just a few sessions, I feel psychological changes inside me. I think a lot after The Order meetings, reflecting on my inner feelings. Thanks to the insightful questions and images, I am able to touch on experiences and sensitive moments and unpack my emotions. Keith and the curators carefully built the atmosphere to create a safe space where I am not afraid to open up and be heard. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone looking to explore their inner selves through the lens of creativity, using tools like words, colors, and images."

Meet your host

Kit Loring

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

A certified British Clinical Arts Therapist, clinical supervisor, and trainer. A member of the British Association of Drama Therapists and co-founder and co-director of Ragamuffin International, a humanitarian art therapy organization based in South Wales, UK.

Join your group

'Gifts of Trauma'

Therapeutic Group
May 1 to July 1
Hosted by Kit Loring, Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Recycle difficult experiences through art therapy

  • Three months of self-improvement
  • 12 online group sessions, 3 hours each
  • Mini groups
  • Techniques for handling fear and anxiety
  • Psychological support and care

$54.75 / session

  • Total — $657

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